2018 Classes

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Paint your heart and soul 2018

PYHaS2018 course is a collaboration of international artist-instructors, visual story tellers and dreamers, who create and share their beautiful imaginative world with us!

I’m honored to be a guest teacher in this  truly amazing, welcoming, one of a kind, informative, supportive and fun online art course!

  • We will mostly be creating Soulful Art with a visual story, which includes portraits and figures on beautiful backgrounds, but that’s not all!
  • In addition, we will provide a few lessons on painting landscape, flowers, birds, and animals (about 20% from all the lessons), which can be used to and expand our visual story telling ability.
  • We are going to explore and practice Art Styles that are unique to the artist teachers – Traditional and Modern, Realistic and Semi-Abstract, and some Art Journaling too;  Strategies – how to map face, hands, figures and other subjects, how to apply values and choose harmonious palette, etc.
  • We will work with variety of Art Techniques. Mostly with Acrylics and Mixed Media, but not only! We also offer a few lessons in Encaustic, Water Colors, Oils, Gelly Printing and more!
  • Artist teachers will share the sources of their Inspiration and how they adopt it into paintings.
  • We are going to open our heart and soul, and express ourselves through art, find our artistic voice and develop our own Artistic Style

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